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Fort Pierce Approves Site Plan for Private Marina at Harbour Cove w/ VIDEO

Not too long ago Harbour Isle was built with promises of balancing the high density development with a retail center complete with grocery store and a bank. They haven’t yet fulfilled those plans. But busybody Harbour Isle residents have found plenty of time to find things to complain about. For one the residents complain about […]

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Battlefield: Prohibition Driving Gang Violence in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce has been plagued with gang violence as homicides and shootings have become a regular occurrence.  Sadly Michael Goforth laments that we need more gun laws since violent criminals obey current laws. And, while the violence continues, I said, there is little talk among political leaders about more gun control, though both the mayor […]

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Against the Police State

William Norman Grigg and Jeff Deist discuss the rise of the American police state and how the militarization of the local law enforcement is turning communities into battlefields, like what we see in Fort Pierce today. A community plagued by failed prohibition policies, economic interventionism and violence. Grigg also discusses MRAPs. via William Norman Grigg: […]

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Biased Journalism Aims to Shape Your Future

TCPalm editor Mark Tomasik has announced TCPalm’s new franchise issue that they have dubbed “Shaping Our Future.” It continues their collectivist dribble that is evident in “Save Our Lagoon.” Given the slant of TCPalm to progressive ideals rather than traditional journalism the next comments come as no surprise. Like those two franchise issues, the Shaping […]

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When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

All Aboard Florida: TCPalm Unsure if Floridians Should Be Robbed

Is theft ever moral? Well apparently the TCPalm editorial believes so. When it comes to justifying theft TCPalm relies upon arbitrary qualifications and majority rule to determine that the immoral act of stealing is magically moral. TCPalm editorial board states (their caps, not mine): Other Florida lawmakers should join Negron in opposing state funds for […]

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How To Have Law Without Legislation – Murray N. Rothbard

From Mises.org: [Adapted from Rothbard’s book review of Freedom and the Law by Bruno Leoni. This review first appeared in New Individualist Review, edited by Ralph Raico.] [In his book Freedom and the Law,] Professor [Bruno] Leoni’s major thesis is that even the staunchest free-market economists have unwisely admitted that laws must be created by […]

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All Aboard Florida: Government Roads Fail Drivers, Bicyclists and Pedestrians

TCPalm reports on two studies of Florida roads and highways that highlight the huge failure of government roads. TCPalm fails to connect the failure of roadways to the All Aboard Florida controversy where AAF is being blamed for the incompetence of your government road planners. Not only have government road planners failed to plan for […]

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TCPalm Drug Editorial Riddled with Fallacies and Institutionalized Racism

Sadly TCPalm has published an editorial that shows a lack of understanding of drug prohibition and meanwhile continues advocacy for jailing minorities for victimless crimes. The editorial staff highlights a recent drug bust in Saint Lucie County that officials tout as a $10.4 million dollar operation.  Usually those numbers are inflated as law enforcement officials […]

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Indian River Lagoon: Water Problems Everywhere

The Treasure Coast is not the only area suffering from water problems. Oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface and is a resource of seemingly infinite abundance. Yet due to central planning water issues are plaguing areas throughout America. The Indian River Lagoon and Lake Meade both are suffering from the failures of centralized planning. “The […]

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