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The Iron Fist of the Ruling Class | Angelo Codevilla

Great interview about the ruling establishment with Angelo Codevilla. Bionic Mosquito pulls out this gem of a quote from Codevilla: Hear me…you see the entire ruling class essentially rejecting the Constitution, the American way, rejecting the legitimacy of elections.  There can be no mild response to that, and there isn’t one.  Trump’s voters want certain results […]

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Nick Sorrentino: Against Crony Capitalism

Nick and Jeff Deist discuss how huge public companies—think defense giants like Lockheed Martin and Boeing—engage in an obvious form of fiscal cronyism, while Wall Street funds and investment banks engage in what we might call monetary cronyism. And we also discuss how average people reap undue benefits in a million small ways, from selling […]

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Busting Myths: Trump is NOT a Non-Interventionist 

Can you believe the Washington Post actually thinks Trump has outlined a “non-interventionist foreign policy”? That’s light years away from the truth. Are the days of The Republican Party numbered? Would that solve our problems? Ted Cruz uses the blowback in Brussels to call for a police state here. Ron Paul smashes some serious fallacies […]

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The Establishment Turns Against the Drug War

At Vice.com Charles Davis writes: A record number of people are using drugs. Farmers are growing more heroin than ever before, and criminal organizations are making so much money from the sale of illicit narcotics that their revenues dwarf the legal trade in cereal, wine, beer, coffee, and tobacco combined. The war on drugs has […]

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