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Discrimination & Equality Before the Law — Ben O’Neill 

Ben O’Neill presents at the Australian Mises Seminar. Please see the time-stamps for specific content below: — 3:23 Demographic Profiling — 5:11 Detection of lawbreaking, Enforcement of sanctions — 7:41 Concrete Example of Discrimination. Who is more likely to be carrying weed? — 12:00 Detection (rational), Enforcement (irrational) — 14:30 Common Enforcement Pattern — 17:30 […]

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Myth-Busters: Government’s Subjugation of Moral Authority

How very strange that so many have succumbed to the idea that government has moral authority to feed the hungry, or to monitor personal habits, or to create “equality”. Government inherently has nothing! Everything it acquires, it must first take by force, like a thief. How did government get away with the subjugation of moral […]

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Why Flee Equality?

by Jose Azel Reprinted from PanAm Post When discussing the exodus of peoples from communist regimes such as Cuba’s, it is common practice to describe their escape as a flight from oppression, or a search for freedom. These labels are evocative and correct, but in order to deepen our understanding of the root causes for […]

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The Egalitarian Menace (VIDEO)

by Llewellyn Rockwell This talk was delivered at the Dallas-Ft. Worth Mises Circle, “Against PC,” on October 3, 2015. A sharp Martian visiting Earth would make two observations about the United States — one true, the other only superficially so. On the basis of its ceaseless exercises in self-congratulation, the US appears to him to […]

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