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Common Core’ Nationalizes & Dumbs-down Public School Curriculum

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ8O8ws4hSg&feature=player_embedded In addition to shredding civil liberties, launching a utopian global war for democracy, and going on a spending spree that would make LBJ blush, the so-called “conservative” Bush administration dramatically increased federal control over education via the “No Child Left Behind” act. During my time in Congress I heard nothing but complaints about this […]

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Common Core Supporter: Maybe Opposition Not Paranoia

From Neal McCluskey at Cato: Two years ago Fordham Institute President Chester Finn called people like me, who saw the move toward national curriculum standards as a huge lurch toward federal control, “paranoid.” Well it looks like he might be catching a little of the paranoia, too. Or, at least, while still calling Common Core adoption “voluntary,” he recognizes that […]

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Common Core Needs More Debate

By Neal McCluskey This article appeared in Detroit News on May 20, 2013. Parents in Michigan, like those across the country, want their children to have the tools they need to excel in school and beyond. The Common Core national curriculum standards were sold as the way to give students those tools. But with the […]

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Choice in Schools or Choice in Education?

We hear a lot about school choice. And while that would probably improve the U.S. education system, what we really need is choice in education. When most people think about education, they think of traditional schools. But Professor Stephen Davies says we are seeing a revolution in the delivery of education, both in the United […]

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How Teachers Unions Hurt Schools

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WZc9m1ca3so Transcript: Shortly after taking office, President Barack Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan, acknowledged that America’s public school system is broken. “It’s obvious the system’s broken,” he said. “Let’s admit it’s broken, let’s admit it’s dysfunctional, and let’s do something dramatically different, and let’s do it now. Let’s fix the thing.” Why are America’s public […]

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