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“Economic Development” Is a Corporate Welfare Scheme

by Nathan Keeble The Beacon Center, a libertarian think tank based in Nashville, has released a new film highlighting and describing the impact of corporate welfare in Tennessee. Starring University of Tennessee professor Glenn Reynolds, Rigged tells the story of small business owners in Memphis who were harmed by the massive tax breaks which the Shelby County government bestowed upon […]

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No New Taxes

More Embarrassment for PSL

The City Hall boondoggles continue to embarrass the city. The citizens continue to suffer for the bad economic policies invested by City Hall. “(The city) seemingly thinks that this court has the power to force VGTI to continue to operate when it plainly does not have the financial ability to do so absent a further […]

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Government’s Role as Technological Innovator – Klein

Peter Klein discusses the role of government in technological innovation. Klein points out that the market makes the best decisions on how to allocate scarce resources, capital and time. Entrepreneurs who bear failure risk are best able to calculate how resources should be allocated for innovation. The Mises View: “Government’s Role as Technological Innovator” | […]

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money hole

EDC’s Wreckage of Digital Domain Continues Drag on Port St. Lucie

The Economic Development Council continues to be a drain on the productive resources in Saint Lucie County as it continues to wreck havoc on Port St. Lucie as the boondoggle of Digital Domain somehow managers to live on. This same Economic Development Council ignored warnings by accounting firms not to touch Digital Domain with a ten […]

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Economic Interventions Plaguing Saint Lucie

Economic Interventions Plaguing Saint Lucie Port St. Lucie is still trying to rid itself of economic intervention in the marketplace. Or are they? Larry Pelton, former head of the Economic Disaster Development Council of Saint Lucie County, was reported by TCPalm as infamously saying: Larry Pelton, the president of the Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County, […]

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