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If Obama Cares About Unjust Drug Sentences, Why Is Weldon Angelos Still Behind Bars?

By Jacob Sullum: Nine years ago, Weldon Angelos, a 24-year-old rap music entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, was sentenced to 55 years in federal prison for three small-time marijuana sales. In a letter released today, 113 concerned citizens, including 60 former prosecutors, 17 former judges, seven former state attorneys general, and four former governors, remind President Obama that he has […]

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Shut Down the Nonessential Drug War

By Jacob Hornberger A few days ago, I wrote about my experience crossing the Canadian border on the train in an article entitled “Dismantle the International Checkpoints.” The article focused on my experience with immigration checkpoints between the United States and Canada. This article will focus on another aspect of my experience at the border […]

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