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The Injustice Of Mandatory Minimums

The Senate is expected to take up legislation to reform federal mandatory minimum sentence laws, but the measure is stalled on Majority Leader McConnell’s desk. Republicans are split on the issue between reformers and “law and order” fundamentalists. Meanwhile, mandatory minimums have been emptying the treasury and destroying lives for more than 30 years.

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Almost 100 years later, Prohibition’s legacy stifles economic opportunity

by Anastasia Boden When FDR passed the 21st Amendment, states regained control over alcohol sales.  Unfortunately, interest groups and angry temperance supporters swiftly harnessed the states’ new power to pass anti-competitive laws in their favor. 100 years later, the alcoholic beverage industry is still notoriously tricky to get into, and for all the wrong reasons. […]

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Police Departments Overflowing with Extra Time, Money

by Ryan McMaken Many police departments are over-funded and overstaffed. What other conclusion can we reach when we read about operations like this one in a Kansas City suburb where sheriff’s deputies had the time and resources to keep track of everyone shopping at a gardening center in order to find someone to bust for growing marijuana? […]

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US (In)Justice Department Created Mess In Oregon

The media and various interest groups are framing the Oregon standoff as a simple matter of an armed militia challenging the government. This is unfortunate, as the real issue is that of federal government over-reach and bullying. Joining the Liberty Report today is special guest Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor at Reason Magazine, to discuss how […]

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Marc Victor: The Anarchist Lawyer – Better Call Marc!

Jeff interviews attorney for freedom, Marc Victor, topics include: Marc Victor to speak at Anarchapulco 2016, fighting to end the war on drugs, no victim no crime, freedom and the right to control your own body, things slowly moving in a better direction, police brutality, anarchy and self rule, getting proactive with the message of […]

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Rick Simpson: Run From the Cure

Jeff interviews medicinal cannabis stalwart Rick Simpson, topics include: standing up and telling the truth and doing what is right, cannabis doing much more for people than any and all pharmaceutical products, amazing benefits, the refusal to prescribe cannabis, external application of cannabis oil to treat skin cancer, massive resistance in the medical industry, medical […]

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