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Nick Sorrentino: Against Crony Capitalism

Nick and Jeff Deist discuss how huge public companies—think defense giants like Lockheed Martin and Boeing—engage in an obvious form of fiscal cronyism, while Wall Street funds and investment banks engage in what we might call monetary cronyism. And we also discuss how average people reap undue benefits in a million small ways, from selling […]

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Should The IMF Director Be Fired…And Does It Matter?

An internal IMF investigation found that Managing Director Christine Lagarde mishandled the Greek crisis, making sure the banks were bailed out and the Greeks given austerity. She faces a slap on the wrist if found guilty. The scandal brings again to light the fact that international organizations like the IMF serve the world elite, not […]

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Socialism’s One-Percenters

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo A defining characteristic of socialism in all its forms in all places and at all times is a relatively small political elite (and its “private sector” cronies) that lives lavishly by plundering its population, destroying its economy, imposing a regime of equality of poverty and misery; and turning almost everyone into a […]

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Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction

By Ron Paul If neoconservatives and progressives truly understood fascism, they would stop using the word as a smear term. That is because both groups, along with most political figures and commentators, embrace fascist ideas and policies. Fascism’s distinguishing characteristic is a “mixed economy.” Unlike socialists and communists who seek to abolish private business, fascists […]

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