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Too Many Laws: Why Police Encounters Escalate

by Ryan McMaken The debate over the shooting of Philando Castile has ignited the debate over the way the police, generally speaking, often enforce petty, small-time offenses with often overwhelming force. In the case of Castile, the controversy hinges partially on whether or not Castile was being detained as a suspect in a real crime (such as […]

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Abolish Government Police

by Murray Rothbard Abolition of the public sector means, of course, that all pieces of land, all land areas, including streets and roads, would be owned privately, by individuals, corporations, cooperatives, or any other voluntary groupings of individuals and capital. The fact that all streets and land areas would be private would by itself solve […]

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Threat Management & Private Security Negating the Need for Govt. Police

Jeff interviews the founder and head of Threat Management Centers Detroit, Dale Brown. Topics include: the origins and operations of Threat Management Center, the arguments for non-violent outcomes, peace and protection is profitable, self sustaining positive change, the importance of good training in threat management and more.

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Whatever Happened to Peace Officers?

Can the Private Sector Protect Against Crime? This Case Study Will Blow Your Mind 

Your local police department is said to provide a service that we could never expect to arise in the private sector. But the Detroit Threat Management Center, a private and voluntary organization, has cut down on violent crime and made a point of defusing dangerous situations without violence. You’ll love this one. Source: Ep. 597 […]

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The Militarization of Occupied America

A contributor to National Review — the CIA-funded official conservative journal — pleads with fellow conservatives to understand that the police are just as corrupt as the rest of the government they criticize. http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/rf4yxs1xm7/Freedom_Zealot_Podcast_February_12_2016.mp3 Source: Freedom zealot podcast february 12 2016 – FreedomZealot – Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload

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Forced Confessions and Lie Detector Frauds

If you understand the inquisitorial system of  “justice” — perfected during 17th Century witch trials, and operating in the US today — the wrongful conviction of Chris Tapp for the murder Angie Dodge will not surprise you. http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/4jb9gzl0dg/Freedom_Zealot_Podcast_February_6_2016.mp3 Source: Freedom zealot podcast february 6 2016 – FreedomZealot – Kiwi6 Mp3 Upload

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