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Heroic Broward Woman Arrested Unlawfully and Refuses to Submit to Thug Cop (VIDEO)

Hooray for this woman and others like her across the nation who refused to be treated as second-class citizens. She refused to comply with a criminal aggressor and is now suing Broward County.  Good job young lady.video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Woman who recorded traffic stop spends night in jail | News – Home. If […]

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Battlefield: Fort Pierce Stories Compared

Battlefield: Fort Pierce Stories Compared This is a sad, sad story of life in Fort Pierce told through two different, but similar stories. The first story. On Tuesday, two men went to a house in Fort Pierce and banged on the door and shot a man dead.  The man opened the garage door and closed […]

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No Warrant? No Search

From LewRockwell.com: Don’t be intimidated by police at your door. These rules will help protect your rights and improve your odds of avoiding a home search. No Warrant, No Search! The Supreme Court has ruled that the home is entitled to maximum search protection. Even if they have probable cause to believe something illegal is going on inside […]

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