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Privatize: Governments Have Failed to Preserve Endangered Species

by Michael Malin The protection of endangered species is an area where most economists claim there is a market failure. Because of this, the majority of people feel that this duty can only be accomplished through government actions. Throughout the world, governments have tried a variety of methods to do so. Among the most popular […]

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Water Capitalism: The Case for Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and Aquifers

Reviewed by Ryan Griggs In this pathbreaking tour de force, Professor Walter Block of Loyola University, New Orleans, and Peter Nelson, an engineer out of Colorado specializing in water resources, lay down the case for full-throttle Water Capitalism. In free-flowing, inter-disciplinary form our authors provide a jam-packed foundation (and I do mean jam-packed; the bibliography alone […]

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The Plan to Create a Giant, Privately Funded Nature Reserve by Selling Beef

The American Prairie Reserve is a nonprofit group that wants to establish the largest nature reserve in the lower 48 states and it aims to do so with private funding. So far, American Prairie Reserve owns or leases more than 300,000 acres with a goal of stitching together 3.5 million acres of private and federal […]

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How Capitalism Saved the American Alligator #IndianRiverLagoon

While federal agencies and certain conservation groups like to credit the 1973 Endangered Species Act for the gator’s recovery, state-level regulators who actually oversaw the population’s recovery have a different story to tell. It’s a story of hunting, harvesting, trade, and conservation working together for the greater good. And it’s a story of the politicization […]

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Strict defense of private property solves the economic fact of resource scarcity 

by Patrick Barron Scarcity of resources exists in many forms and is THE problem in economics. If resources were not scarce, there would be no need to economize. The existence of scarcity is true of all resources (time, human energy, natural resources, etc.) It is not intuitive that allowing scarce resources to be owned privately […]

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How Free Market Environmentalism is Transforming Parks #IndianRiverLagoon

by Rocky Barker: Free market ideas can continue to make “America’s best idea” even better. Captain Moses Harris led his band of troopers into Yellowstone National Park in 1886 when the park—and the national park idea itself—faced its greatest threat yet. In response to allegations of corruption, Congress had recently cut the meager funding it […]

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EPA Spills Million of Gallons of Toxic Waste into Colorado River #IndianRiverLagoon

Note: The EPA will not pay out fines for their mistake though they fine others for the same mistake. The EPA has claimed sovereign immunity from their grave errors. Read more on this bullshit here. by John Vibes: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the federal organization in charge of fining and arresting people and companies […]

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