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Trump’s Budget: Radical Change or More of the Same?

By Ron Paul ​President Donald Trump’s proposed budget has generated hysteria among the American left. Prominent progressives have accused the president and his allies of wanting to kill children, senior citizens, and other vulnerable Americans. The reaction of the president’s allies — including some conservatives who should know better — is equally detached from reality […]

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Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins

By Ron Paul For all the hand-wringing about the threat to liberty and constitutional government posed by the major party presidential candidates, there is little discussion of how this threat is due to the political class’s long history of supporting expanded presidential power. There is also little talk of how the imperial presidency is just […]

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Surprise! Even Alexander Hamilton Made the Case for Nullification by Non-Cooperation – YouTube

“Because of massive unconstitutional overreach, the federal government depends on state action to do almost everything. It needs state resources and state personnel to enforce its laws and implement it programs. By simply doing nothing, states have the power to stop federal actions dead in their tracks.”

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