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Iceland Today, the US Tomorrow? 

By Ron Paul During the 2008 economic crisis, Iceland’s government froze offshore accounts held by foreign investors in that country’s currency, the krona. Recently, the government of Iceland announced it would unfreeze the accounts if the account holders paid a voluntary “departure tax,” which could be as high as 58 percent. Investors who choose not […]

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Should The IMF Director Be Fired…And Does It Matter?

An internal IMF investigation found that Managing Director Christine Lagarde mishandled the Greek crisis, making sure the banks were bailed out and the Greeks given austerity. She faces a slap on the wrist if found guilty. The scandal brings again to light the fact that international organizations like the IMF serve the world elite, not […]

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Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison

Clay Barnett narrates a recent Mises Daily by Ryan McMaken that argues that the United States system of government is setup to benefit special and well-connected interests of the elites while ignoring the average citizen. Listen below or here. http://library.mises.org//media/Audio%20Mises%20Daily/Our%20Oligarchs%20Can%20Thank%20James%20Madison.mp3 Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison – Mises Media.

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Treasure Coast: Overlords Pick Winners, Taxpayers Made Losers

TCPalm’s Editorial Board is out with an editorial that shows the serious consequences of government intervention into the local economy. Build it and they will come. Or maybe not. For more than a decade, economic development “experts” have told Treasure Coast citizens that if they want to compete to recruit major employers — adding to […]

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