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Amtrak Is Stupid

Amtrak doesn’t need still more money. It needs to be cut off completely. It makes no economic sense, it will always be a boondoggle, and it is the classic example of the total arbitrariness of government spending. http://traffic.libsyn.com/tomwoodsshow/woods_05_19_2015_2.mp3 Source: Ep. 405 Amtrak Is Stupid | Tom Woods

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#AllAboardFlorida, Unlike Amtrak’s Monopoly, Must Emphasize Safety to Win Customers

by Garbriel Roth: When you look at America’s transportation network broadly, there can be little doubt that getting government out of the passenger train business would likely improve safety. Though government officials talk ceaselessly about safety, it’s clearly not their top priority. If you want proof, consider the U.S. Department of Transportation’s fuel-economy standards for […]

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Treasure Coast Govt Officials Try to Cover Their Failures by Wasting More of Your Tax Dollars

The failures of socialized roads and sovietized planning are aggravating residents across the Treasure Coast. Cries of traffic delays, noise and emergency services have grown loud. Government officials have caught a break however as their loyal cheerleaders are blaming their failures on someone else for merely exercising their rights. The history of the Treasure Coast […]

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