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Why the Conservative Movement Shuns Libertarians

Whether it’s nonintervention abroad, or Social Security, or WikiLeaks, or Iran, or the Department of Homeland Security, or the drug war, libertarians don’t quite fit in to the official “conservative movement.” Jim Babka, who emphasizes these very issues, joins me to talk it all through. Plus, we discuss the great Harry Browne, an important and […]

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Just War

by Murray Rothbard Much of “classical international law” theory, developed by the Catholic Scholastics, notably the 16th-century Spanish Scholastics such as Vitoria and Suarez, and then the Dutch Protestant Scholastic Grotius and by 18th- and 19th-century jurists, was an explanation of thecriteria for a just war. For war, as a grave act of killing, needs […]

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Organized Crime & The Progressions Towards A Single World Fiat Currency

At the 2014 Property & Freedom Society Annual Meeting in Bodrum, Turkey Thorsten Polleit gives a talk that discusses the nature of the state as organized crime and the natural progression of states to a world fiat currency. Thorsten Polleit, “Organized Crime & The Progressions Towards A Single World Fiat Currency from Property & Freedom […]

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