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Myth-Busters: The Fed’s Role In The Oil Boom & Bust

The Federal Reserve has subjected us to a constant economic roller-coaster ride. By artificially suppressing interest rates, they create illusory economic booms. Those illusions must always be shattered by an accompanying crisis and bust. Lives are destroyed, families are ruined, and the economy lies in shambles. The widespread suffering is totally unnecessary. Marshall oil spill

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Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Answering the Critics

According to the economists of the Austrian School, artificial credit expansion is the primary factor behind the business cycle. Critics have tried to poke holes in the theory, but David Howden shows those holes are just an illusion. http://traffic.libsyn.com/tomwoodsshow/woods_06_08_2015_2.mp3 Source: Ep. 419 Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Answering the Critics | Tom Woods

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Ebeling: ‘The Fed distorts resource allocation’

Erin talks to Richard Ebeling – professor of ethics and free enterprise leadership at The Citadel. Richard tells us why Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises’ “Theory of Money and Credit” is more important than ever and gives us his taken on whether we’ll have another financial crisis. via [236] Henderson: ‘Net Neutrality won’t work’; Ebeling: […]

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