stuartStuart is the heart of the morons in Martin County.

Stuart has a legacy of interventionist failures. Over a hundred years ago they persuaded property owners to lay railroad tracks in the center of town and build their city around the tracks.

Later Stuart agreed to be held responsible for road crossings of the railway property.

But here’s the problem. No government official ever prepared for the idea of more train traffic on the railways. Faced with this coming reality Stuart is not rushing to get their shit in gear.

Oh no. Someobody else is to blame and they’d like you to think that somebody else is going to pay.

Facing down their failures officials in Stuart are demanding to stop the train- in town.

It’s somebody else’s decision and the government goons in Stuart want to make that decision for them.

Stuart’s City “Manager” gave a middle finger to the other Treasure Coast cities as Stuart pretentiously thinks it is more deserving than others.

“Stuart has continually maintained its position that since the (All Aboard) trains must slow down to navigate the trestle bridge across the St. Lucie River, and the two sharpest curves on the north-south corridor, the (All Aboard) passenger trains should stop in Stuart before any other communities are considered,” Nicoletti said.

Thank god this decision is up to private individuals rather than parasites in government.

Stuart provides a long list of complaints stemming from their bad decisions that they want someone else to be held responsible for:

  • Ignores the trains’ effect on Martin Health System’s Stuart location, a major medical facility east of the tracks. Failures in road planning are someone else’s fault.
  • Fails to address Stuart’s local transportation including courtesy trams that routinely cross the tracks at the Colorado Avenue and St. Lucie Avenue intersections, as well as Martin County’s transit system and the Treasure Coast Connector, which links Martin and St. Lucie counties. Stuart cannot effectively manage transportation so lets blame others again.
  • Does not consider noise and vibration effects on the historic downtown where the tracks bisect the city for about 4,000 feet and many buildings fall within the defined 150-foot “area of potential effects.” See the history of Stuart and the railways. Stuart pleaded to have the rails where they are located and then built up around them assuming an eternal status quo in train property usage.
  • Only discusses vibration for the north-south corridor related to farmland.
  • Does not mention a written promise from All Aboard Florida and Florida East Coast Industries, All Aboard’s parent company, not to harm or remove approximately 100 downtown parking spaces on land the city leases from Florida East Coast Industries. Stuart placed a bet on city parking that the railways would never expand on their property. Parasites have failed and you will have to pay for their salaries and to fix their failures.
  • Fails to acknowledge Stuart’s many cultural resources, five of which are 100 feet from the track right of way, including The Lyric Theater (1926, National Register of Historic Places); Parks-Atwood House (1903); Stuart Heritage Museum (1901); Feroe Building (1913); and East Coast Lumber and Supply (1902). Fails to account the rails have been in town since the 1890s and those buildings were built knowing trains rolled through nearby. 

Of course government planning is not to blame when the plans fail. It is the people who expose failures in the plan.

Stuart wants corrected All Aboard Florida study, downtown train station – TC Palm.

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