statismThe Statist Coast continues to be a sore for freedom.  In this edition of statism a neighborhood has reacted negatively to a family who dare to live in a modular home.

Zeus Park is a quaint little neighborhood and the modular home just isn’t welcome.

Zeus Park is a neighborhood of brightly painted bungalows and welcoming front porches.

The streets are named after Greek gods.

The ocean is close enough to smell in the breeze.

It’s the opposite of a cookie-cutter development, and that’s why residents love this historic pocket of Hobe Sound.

It’s also why they were stunned in October, when a prefabricated home rolled in on a truck and was unloaded onto a vacant lot on Apollo Street.

“Everyone thought, ‘Oh, they must be lost,’ ” said Cynthia Foley, a resident of Zeus Park.

democracy statist slaveryThe owner of the property responded to the attacks on modular homes.

The property owner defended it as a “modular home” protected under state law.

A legal battle has ensued ever since.

Statist Martin County Commissioner Anne Scott speaks out for segregation of modular homes and non-modular homes:

“I don’t get it,” said Martin County Commissioner Anne Scott, whose district includes the neighborhood. “Why would this individual want to come into a community and do something so inappropriate and so inconsistent with life there?”

statistsWe get it, you don’t like their type. Since when did trying to live peacefully become a crime?

Oh yea we are on the Statist Coast and the mad people run the house.

There are really two problems here.

One is that the modular home owners are in violation of a technicality of not laying a concrete foundation down.

The second is the neighborhood has no protection or covenant in place to deter such issues due to socialized zoning.

Private neighborhoods have associations that set agreements for styling and colors of houses.  Zeus Park has no such agreement.

The owners, the Greenbergs, are claiming discrimination.

“There’s nothing about that that’s permanent,” said Hugh Harper, who lives a block away in a turquoise bungalow with Key West appeal.

But the Greenbergs have maintained that they have met all state and local laws. Their attorney, Scott Konopka, has argued the county doesn’t have the right to discriminate against their manufactured home.

The fight has actually made the property even more of an eyesore on the neighborhood.

Even county officials admit the boxy, beige home would be protected by state law if it was installed on a “permanent foundation.”

Instead, it is sitting on concrete block piers that are strapped to metal anchors in the ground.

…For now, the home is sitting empty and surrounded by weeds while residents await a final resolution.

“It destroys our property values,” said Harold Jenkins, a longtime local who owns Jenkins Landscape Co.

central statismThis is a sad statist example of government intervention gone awry. Again.

Statists are freaking out that government has “allowed” a modular home into a community redevelopment area.

These are neighborhoods the county has targeted for improvement, and which receive special tax financing for revitalization projects.

Design regulations are supposed to “promote and encourage compatible and appropriate redevelopment in keeping with the community vision,” according to the county’s CRA Web page.

The modular home on Apollo Street flies in the face of those guidelines.

Rather than a home-ownership association the statists here are relying on government to enforce their preferred discrimination through law rather than voluntary agreement.

The statists are upset that someone dare to live in a modular home in “their” neighborhood.

“You can dress up a pig and put lipstick on it. It’s still a pig,” said John Trimel, who has lived in Zeus Park for 12 years.

The residents take pride in their neighborhood.

It’s evident from the charming houses that line the streets.

And it’s why they are so offended by the beige box on Apollo Street.

rothbard statists kid

Eve Samples: Could a modular house be built next door to you? It happened in this historic neighborhood : : Shaping Our Future.

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