Saint Lucie County has found an extra half million dollars to spend despite being almost $5 million in the hole this year.

The commission initially balked at spending the money, saying it needed a plan for how it would be spent and then saying it could not afford added expense because of its $4.7 million deficit.

However, opponents of the railroad sent the commission dozens of emails blasting them for not budgeting the money and questioning county officials’ resolve to fight All Aboard Florida.

One AAF opponent summed up how this half million would be spent to help her neighborhood.

“This is not a case of how much money to spend toward All Aboard Florida,” said resident Ingrid Van Hekken said, “ but for our survival. This is your opportunity to do the right thing and join our neighbors to fight and stop All Aboard Florida.”

Sorry Ingrid put having all of the county taxpayers forced to pay a fight for your hindsight of choosing to live next to a railroad is not the right thing.

Property records show that Van Hekken bought the property no earlier than 1980- almost 90 years after the railroad had been there. Sadly Van Hekken thinks it is right for force everyone in Saint Lucie to help make up for her hindsight.

The game of passing the blame isn’t confined to Van Hekken as the County has also taken that approach.

The commission in June passed a resolution calling the All Aboard Florida “a threat to the public health, safety and welfare.”

The County failed to plan accordingly for any increase in railroad traffic and thus their planning negligence. It is the negligence may harm people. Not the same old railway property being used by (gasp) trains.


Source: St. Lucie antes up $500,000 to stop All Aboard Florida – TC Palm

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