fplVero Beach resident may finally get some relief from the burden imposed upon them by the city-run monopoly and benefit from FPL and their lower rates.

However a long-established and entrenched bureaucracy isn’t willing to let go of the iron-fist grip they have upon the lives of Vero’s residents.

bureaucratic fat catRuss Lemmon noted that:

County Commissioner Bob Solari says he’s not surprised the power agency is asking for a figure that gave FPL pause.

“The FMPA is an entrenched bureaucracy doing something an entrenched bureaucracy does,” he said.

That is, it works to keep an “entrenched bureaucracy” operational.

Most people have probably never heard of the the Florida Municipal Power Agency (more on them here) but it plays a big part in it’s customers lives.  At the last meeting the Fort Pierce Utilities Monopoly the rate increased was approved based upon what other re-sellers of FMPA power were charging their customers.  The decision was basically arbitrary.  In the last Vero Beach rate meeting rates were cut for one reason- lower FMPA rates.  The decrease wasn’t much but the Vero Beach munipal power monopoly wasn’t going to become more efficient just to please it’s customers.

FPL however was well aware of the FMPA’s interest in maintaining as much monopoly control they have and they were not expected to take losing  a long-time cash cow, the Vero residents, go easily.

Hopefully things go well for Vero Beach so that Fort Pierce can follow suit.

Russ Lemmon: Tallahassee lobbying firm emerges as key player in FPL’s proposed purchase of Vero Beach system » TCPalm.com.

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