Martin_County_fl_sealMartin County continues to unimpress.

A sales tax measure was just barely rejected.

The measure was needed, of course, because Martin County officials spent money for projects on such necessities as tax-funded waterparks.

The proof of the great number of  morons is that a recount was needed to decide the outcome on the measure.

I will never understand why people vote to increase or continue their taxes. Do they want to be tax slaves their whole life? – Laurence M. Vance

I thought it was bad when only 85 votes made up the difference on election night but after the recount the number of morons increased by 13!

Before the recount, 83 votes stood in the way of the initiative’s passage. The recount revealed that number was actually 72.

The sales tax increase would have gone into effect Jan. 1, and the projected $96 million generated would have been used for maintenance on existing roads, bridges and drainage.

Local drain on the public Sarah Heard wanted more money even though the County had already wasted money on a waterpark.

Commissioner Sarah Heard called the defeat “heartbreaking,” adding the county doesn’t have a Plan B to pay for the projected expenses.

“It was needed,” Heard said. “It was a serious request to the voters of Martin County for the additional funds we need in order to provide infrastructure and keep up the quality of life in Martin County.”

Nevermind her employment is at the expense of the taxvictims but they always need more of your money because of their fondness of foolishly spending other peoples money.

MC fooled them once but couldn’t fool them twice.

Eight years ago — the last time a sales tax was approved — the County Commission said the collected tax dollars would be used to purchase conservation lands to protect the Indian River Lagoon and to “create and improve parks.” But some residents were upset when a portion of that money were used to build the Sailfish Splash Water Park.

Once again the Martin County Taxpayers Association proves itself to be a sham.

Richard Geisinger, president of the Martin County Taxpayers Association, during the county budget hearings cautioned commissioners against the property tax increase, and emphasized the sales, not the property tax, was the more important battle.

“The more they show responsible governance on the (property tax) rate, the better chance they have to pass the sales tax,” he said after a July 23 hearing. “We have to get caught up (on infrastructure projects). If it all breaks down, it’s going to cost more later.”

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Recount results: Martin County sales tax still defeated – TC Palm.

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