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Martin County dodged the Digital Domain bullet

Martin County said no to tax breaks and accelerated development approvals. Textor claimed they were missing the next one. The only thing that was missed was the holes in Digital Domain’s financial reports, which showed them to be on extremely shaky ground without government grants in 2009 before Pelton and the EDC pushed the deal. […]

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EDC fails to do due diligence in promoting Digital Domain

Enterprise Florida, a non-profit agency that acts as the state’s economic development arm, approves most tax incentives awarded to companies by the state. But in the case of Digital Domain, Enterprise Florida rejected the company’s plea for cash to build a digital animation studio. To get $20 million in cash from Florida’s Quick Action Closing […]

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Legislator gets windfall for promoting Digital Domain

The $20 million grant to Digital Domain was championed by then-state Rep. Kevin Ambler. Ambler, a Tampa attorney, left the legislature in 2010 and last year was named to Digital Domain’s board. He is paid $20,000 a year plus $2,000 for each board meeting he attends. Major downtown West Palm Beach project Digital Domain in […]

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Walker: Private voting equipment companies should be held more responsible for election machine mishaps » TCPalm.com

Somethings just don’t add up as this story continues to develop. Walker has repeatedly affirmed that all of the employees have been around and are long-term employees. Yet the state finds “The subsequent report described technology issues, staff inexperience and inadequate procedures.” They key being staff inexperience but they have all (or mostly all) been […]

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