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Libyan blowback in Algeria and Mali

When Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya, many fighters from Mali who had lived in Libya and been trained by Gaddafi’s military returned to their home country with sophisticated weapons and a new determination to continue their fight for independence for northern Mali. Thus, the France-initiated action against Libya in 2011 led to new violence and […]

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Are Profits Evil? Mises Seminar

Thanks to the Mises Institute and Jeremy Davis for making this possible.  Robert Murphy and Peter Klein are the speakers for this seminar. The Social Functions of Profits by Robert P. Murphy Big Business- Friend or Foe by Peter G. Klein Capitalism Needs Losses, Too by Robert Murphy Are Profits Evil? Panel Discussion Are Profits […]

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A Strategy For Liberty

Over at LewRockwell.com a writer discusses Chapter 15, A Strategy For Liberty, in Murray Rothbard’s For A New Liberty, the entire audiobook can be listened to here. The title of this post is taken from chapter 15 of Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto.” Throughout the book, Rothbard has laid out the case […]

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For a New Liberty

Enjoy Murray Rothbard’s excellent book For A New Liberty (pdf below) The audio book version of For a New Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard, as read by Jeff Riggenbach, including a new introduction, written and read by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. In For A New Liberty, Rothbard proposes a once-and-for-all escape from the two major political […]

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On Geithner calling Bernanke the Buddha of central bankers

Robert Wenzel writes: Some hero. Since Geithner started at the Treasury, Bernanke has increased the money supply (M2) by $2.2 trillion (27%), with most of that money going to banksters first. Which allow cronies, like Lloyd Blankfein, to buy $33 million beach properties in the Hamptons. Some hero. via EconomicPolicyJournal.com: Geithner: Bernanke the Buddha of Central Bankers. […]

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Economics for High School Students

Mises.org will be live-streaming Economics for High-School Students, Friday, January 25, for FREE at our Ustream channel.Here are the scheduled speakers. All times are Central time: Topic: Are Profits Evil? 9:45 a.m. Peter Klein Welcome 10:00 a.m. Robert Murphy The Social Function of Profits 10:30 a.m. Peter Klein Big Business: Friend or Foe? 11:15 a.m. Robert […]

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