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Glenn and Liberty? I doubt it

In a recent post by Robert Murphy he covers the rebranding of Glenn Beck’s newtork as a libertarian news network.  I have personally thought Glenn Beck to be ok on somethings and terrible on others in a strange blend of philosophies. Let’s hope that he doesn’t do to liberty what neocons did to the tea […]

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AIG considers suing government for bailing it out

In a world gone mad AIG thought about suing the US government for giving AIG taxpayer dollars in a manner suitable to AIG.  Maybe the realized they couldn’t follow up those tv commercials thanking America with a we’re suing America commerical while trying to restore their image. AIG considers suing government for bailing it out, […]

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Palm Beach County teachers seeking gun training

Reaction from Sandy Hook continues: “Think of the poor teacher of Sandy Hook. She shielded those kids with her body,” Parkerson said. “What if she had had a weapon? I’d rather be alive and deal with the consequences later of having a gun with me at school.” The movement of people looking to protect themselves […]

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