carlin stupid peopleOrchid Island gave way to sensationalism over rationalism and voted, along with many other municipalities, to ban something for which there is not evidence of damage.

Only one Councilmember thought to use logic and ration.

Bud Oatway voted against the ordinance, saying he had not seen any scientific evidence that warrants the implementation of a blackout period. He also said he felt the town was succumbing to pressure from other municipalities that have already approved stronger fertilizer ordinances.

Orchid Island Mayor Hal Ofstie decided to join the bandwagon of nannies.

“Everybody who can walk and chew gum is in favor of protecting the lagoon,” Ofstie said. “My inclination is to draw some conclusion that 60 other communities have implemented this ban, so there must be something there.”

In an effort to support the ban in the name of just doing something Council member Paul Johnson said,

“I’ve read all of the documentation and we’re a long way from absolute scientific evidence about what is causing the problem,” Johnson said. “But the step we’re making today moves us in the right direction, so I see no problem moving forward on this ordinance.”


Town of Orchid approves stronger fertilizer ordinance to protect Indian River Lagoon : : Our Indian River Lagoon.

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