KC Traylor the TrainwreckKC Traylor has been making headlines as she fights her All Aboard Florida battle to trample the basic rights of humans so she won’t be inconvenienced.

This is a year old article but gives insight into the mind of KC Traylor the Trainwreck who continues her agenda to destroy the fundamental rights of mankind that bother her so.

This article is very goof. Analysis notes are presented in red show Traylor’s perverted understanding of how the world works.

KC Traylor on Mankind

While I was sitting on the banks of Bessey Creek and warning my 4-year-old daughter about touching the water as she might get sick, I pondered what the river would say if she could speak (uh-oh here we go)

Can you hear me? (somebody is talking to KC Traylor and she should go get that checked out)

The spring rains fall, a time for rejuvenation, new life begins.

But I cry tears of pain, as I know the rains mean death is near. You see, Man finds it more important to keep the cane fields from flooding. I realize the rains will bring only more death and destruction to me and those that depend on me. I cry for help but no one listens. (KC Traylor begins her diatribe against humanity. Traylor blames MAN for what government has done. Man did not drain the Everglades. Government did. It is also government, not man, that discharges water into the lagoon. Furthermore it is government that legalized pollution. Traylor again failed to do her research. Pollution was treated as trespass until legalized during the rise of progressivism at the height of the industrial revolution in America culminating in the classic case of Holman v.Athens Empire Laundry Co. (1919), the Supreme Court of Georgia declared: “The pollution of the air, so far as reasonably necessary to the enjoyment of life and indispensable to the progress of society, is not actionable.” Traylor, ever the ignoramus, blames man for what government has done.)

I am never given the time to heal or build protection for all the children of my watery womb, for every spring comes and Man unabashedly pumps more freshwater and pollutants into my body. I cry for them to stop, but no one listens. (Once again she blames the problems of government on man. Government prohibits property rights which keeps man from suing to stop pollution and recoup damages caused by polluters.)

Man recarved my body in the name of profit and greed. They needed more land for fields of cane and I was in their way. I yelled stop — don’t do this to me! I have been designed and engineered by the smartest and highest of powers! I am designed to take care of all — man and beast alike — please work with me! No one listened. (Again government stole from all man to reward the crony few who were favored by government. Government drained the Everglades as a huge public works program during the New Deal. No MAN could have done that without the monopoly of force and violence wielded by government to undertake such a stupid project.)

I have cried for decades. As I cry, many have died — seagrass, oysters, fish, manatees, birds, dolphins and more. Many good people that live along my banks have cried, tried to help me, but they cannot compete with greed and profit of the cane fields. I cannot understand why profit means more than my life and all the life within me. Don’t they know the rest of us who share Earth don’t give a diddly about money? We just want to live! Why kill me and my children? Why will no one listen? (Pollution continues not because of greed or profit but because government, like Traylor, has trampled the fundamental human right- property. Before the legalization of pollution by government property rights protected the environment from polluters. Enforcement of property rights led to manufacturing plants switching from sulfur-based coal to cleaner, more expensive coal to avoid costly litigation due to their pollution. The government forbids property rights in water and maintains full control of waterways and allows polluters to use it as a dumping ground which is a huge subsidy in free waste disposal plus the subsidies government grants to polluting firms which shields them from competition and keeps them in business, and polluting, than they otherwise would be. Sadly Traylor continues blaming man for not listening when it is government that is not listening.

I was here long before the cane fields and remember I once had vibrant, clear blue waters and sandy bottoms that teemed with life anew in the swaying sea grass. We were all so happy. Fish were abundant; dolphins and manatees played in my waters without a care in the world. I remember the first men that came and I shared my shores with them. I welcomed them and took care of them. Life was good; why did they turn on me? What did I do to deserve this death sentence? (Government legalized pollution during the rise of progressivism during the Industrial Revolution. In doing so they transformed polluting acts being treated as treated as trespass and instead labeled it an “externality” which government erroneously thought it could manage in technocratic fashion. The failures of this technocratic management of pollution are clearly evident today.)

I long for those days of so many years ago. I am so lonely now that many have died or forced to leave for better waters. Man has posted signs on my shores to stay out — my waters cause disease and illness now. Children’s voices and excitement no longer grace my waters. My waters have become murky, sewage-laden, brown and full of pollutants. My bottom is muck and sometimes I can’t help but ooze black tears at my shores. Why do you want to kill me? Why don’t you care? Why won’t you hear me? I AM DYING! (KC Traylor continues to conflate government with man. Man is prevented from saving the environment because government has maintained monopoly control on waterways and failed miserably in their claim that government not man can manage waterways.)

I see some good people along my banks who cry with me. Their children long to play in my waters. Some of them have been trying to help me for many years, but I think they can’t get the right people in power to help because of money, profit and greed. To these people trying to help, I say, “Thank you, please don’t give up on me.” (Traylor again bails out her god, government, and blames man desire for profit and greed. It is because government legalized and subsidizes pollution that pollution continues. Government monopoly power has been wielded to the advantage of a few in the system of crony-capitalism that is killing America from the inside in regards to both the environment and economy.)

Today, I have more people than ever crying with me, giving me a human voice. I have been crying for help; I am dying. Please keep fighting for me for I now am very weak.

I hope you can make those with the power to decide my fate return my body to the way I was originally designed. I want to flow south again. I promise, I will provide for you and all the life that depends on me; I will love you all.

Just please help me to live … please save me … please somebody listen.
— Mother River: Indian River Lagoon, St. Lucie River, Caloosahatchee River and all my tributaries (Traylor may actually believe her nonsense is the voice of the river, again please seek professional help.)

This is the type of typical nonsense that can be expected from KC Traylor. Traylor blindly continues her agenda of worshipping government by blaming the failures of government on mankind.

Traylor is as clueless on the environment as she is on All Aboard Florida. She blames mankind for the failures of government. KC Traylor is nothing but a government apologist with too much time on her hands.

(SEE: Why Socialism Causes Pollution)

kc traylor all aboard florida

KC Traylor is a Zombie

K.C. Traylor: Message comes from suffering Mother River on her deathbed.

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