There are water droughts in California and Texas but a story out of Ohio has made the headlines of late.

In fact though the situation in Lake Erie is similar to the Indian River Lagoon the situation in the Toledo region is likely worse.

Lake Erie has suffered from Indian River Lagoon-like toxic algae as a result of too much phosphorous, among other pollutants, in the water.

What makes the situation worse is the bureaucrats overseeing the environment and public water supply have failed together so bad that a half million people in Toledo were without running water due to toxic algae.

water-pollution-350_tcm18-203643Ohio, too, has a problem with farmwater runoff into waterways that feed into Lake Erie just like the Indian River Lagoon.

Federal legislation is also in the works to take pro-active steps and conserve a healthy water supply. Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow is working on a farm bill that would target phosphorus loads and runoff into Lake Erie.

In fact the errors of bureaucrats, who do not pay for their errors, are extremely expensive as well.

The Regional Conservation Partnership Program is also dumping 1.2 billion dollars into the clean water programs over the next five years.

The monopoly “protector” of our environment has only managed to oversee the decline while going through the motions.

To save the lagoon you have to let prices flow.


Could The Toxic Algae Return to Lake Erie? | Next News Network | #N3.

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