It was billed as something it wasn’t.


Interesting discussion with fellow participants before the “discussion” as a former Marine discussed his unhappiness with crony-capitalism affecting the military.  The rest of the table agreed that crony-capitalism was a pressing issue facing the country.  Much talk occurred about waste and government. Most the table wanted all the politicians thrown  out.

Murphy discussed bipartisanship and the need to work together.  Yes all the wonderful things government has done bipartisan like NDAA, Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind and Obamacare. Yay for bi partisanship of endless war, NSA spying, trillions of debt and a boom bust economy.  Murphy may not like the language of partisan debate but bipartisanship is not to blame.

Murphy seems to be trying to play on the dissatisfaction of Americans by trying to play the soft-talking uniter by blaming partisanship rather than addressing issues.

Speaking of now it is time to get into the workbook.  The first section is “Principles and Priorities.”  That section ends with the following:


Yes, as you make decisions on the budget remember the following: ignore if it is right or wrong-will it get you re-elected? This freshman Congressman has picked up the D.C. game.  It seems that section ended with what drives most decisions- the politics.

The option choices are all leading questions designed to get a predefined result. It assumed that much should stay the same, the kind of go-along-to-get-along scenario that has been plaguing this country.

My table had only 4 people and we had a lot of ties as another and I wanted much less government and two others wanted more and more from the federal government.  Lot of discussion took place and hopefully it challenged others to think but the collectivist mindset was dominating the thoughts of the two who wanted more government. They denounced capitalism unless rigged and engineered as they appropriately sought fit.  Much was blamed on the cronyism in government but that did not affect the

That’s sad and made me think of this interview with Richard Ebeling:

The fact is there is a “specter” that continues to haunt Europe; it is the “specter of communism”—not communism in the sense that many people want a return to the totalitarian state and Soviet-style central planning. No, I mean in the sense that Europe—and America to a slightly different extent—are still haunted by Marx’s critique of capitalism and the market order. The presumption among policy-makers and many others in European society is implicitly that Marx was right in his criticisms of capitalism.

Left to its own devices, capitalism exploits workers and leads to harmful monopoly. Unregulated by the state, private capitalism is guided by the profit motive, and pursuit of profit is considered to be almost always in opposition to the “common good” or the “general welfare.” Dictated by market forces, competition always results in an “unjust” distribution of wealth.

Of course, liberal, free market capitalism produces just the opposite of these “accusations.” Competitive capitalism creates employment opportunities and rising wages for the vast majority of workers over time. Open competition is the great enemy of monopoly, since the only sustainable monopolies are those that receive support and protection from the government.

The full interview is here.

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