Even if Your Team Wins, You Lose!

Even if Your Team Wins, You Lose!

Michael Goforth is out with another junk column.  In this one he appeals to the emotions of attending a baseball game.

The tall, long-haired rock and roll master sounded as great as usual on what was a perfect day for a spring training game at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie. A crowd of more than 7,200 filled the grandstand and much of the grass seating area under a pale, blue sky and warm, though not hot, temperatures.

It was a good game, which the Mets won in the bottom of the ninth inning. There were home runs, spectacular fielding plays, some blunders, and hardly a dull moment.

It was great a great place to be and I felt lucky, like many of those around me, to be there.

But suddenly the fear of loss overcame Goforth.

But, as I looked at the crowd, the ball diamond, the scoreboard and tried to capture in my mind the sights, sounds and ballpark aromas, my joy at the moment was tempered. I had to ask myself: Will this last?

Here it comes, Goforth may lose something personal to him so he must make the case for everyone pitching in for a pastime that Goforth enjoys.

The Mets have been returning to Port St. Lucie each spring since 1988. There are no guarantees, though, that the annual arrival and the sun-splashed days in which memories are relived and others built will continue. If one more team on Florida’s east coast decides to leave for the west coast or to join other Major League teams in Arizona, spring training baseball on the east coast would in all likelihood come to an end.

Uhoh.  Goforth may lose some memories. But not that many.

While I don’t attend a lot of spring training games here, I think the loss of that tradition would be awful. Spring training is in our DNA. It’s part of who we are. It’s a source of pride and joy.

Yup Goforth just puked collectivist jingo.  See Goforth enjoys something so it is part of your DNA.  Not his alone.  See what Goforth enjoys everyone must enjoy.

democrats_the_left_oppression_slavery_statism_obamacare_shakedown-570x590Funny slave owners made the same argument as Goforth.  Slaving is a way of life for us they said just like Goforth says spring training and subsidizing professional sports is just the way we live life.

Here comes Goforth’s pitch as to why you should help sustain something that he infrequently enjoys.

We invest in programs and facilities we want to enhance our quality of life. We pay for libraries, for parks and playgrounds, for civic centers. In St. Lucie County we spend millions in beach renourishment projects. All of these are money-losing propositions, but ones we expect to pay for as part of how we want to live.

Heard that citizen? Goforth needs to you pony up so he can continue his way of life. And if you think otherwise, Goforth says think again.

But, at least in St. Lucie County, we’ve already invested millions of dollars in Tradition Field. Would it be wise to lose the Mets and have that investment and any future use of that facility greatly diminished?

And, it’s worth remembering that the stadium is not here just to benefit the Mets. It is our stadium. It is for us — for all the community in addition to fans and visitors.

taxation robbery statistWhen it comes to Goforth’s personal enjoyment there is never ever a time to cut your losses.

Goforth can support the theft of others to subsidize professional sports teams, since that after all makes it cheaper for Goforth to enjoy his leisure.

Goforth does qualify his need for you to pay for his leisure.

So, what should the state or St. Lucie County pay to keep the Mets here and/or spring training on the east coast? I don’t know, but I think whatever deal might be made must be mutually beneficial.

It has to be mutually beneficial.  To whom is not clear but it likely is beneficial to sports teams and Goforth himself.

Goforth end’s his argument with the same unprincipled stance he takes on many other issues.

My head may tell me we shouldn’t subsidize a wealthy, private business. But, my heart tells me the circumstances aren’t that simple. It’s a dilemma, isn’t it?

The circumstances aren’t that simple you see.  It’s quite a dilemma in deciding to rob everyone to subsidize the wealthy.

goforth rights feelingsGoforth wrote this article likely to provide “balance” to the discussion of subsidizing stadiums that is forced on the backs of everyone.

Goforth can advocate for government to steal from you at the point of a gun and throw you in jail for not paying for his leisure while at the same time advocating that you cannot have a gun to defend yourself.

You see, Goforth owns you and your property and you having the means to defend yourself makes it much harder for Goforth to advocate for your extortion.

It is now apparent that his leisure and his feelings are more important than your rights.

Michael Goforth: Spring training here more than matter of dollars and cents | Photo galleries : TCPalm.com : Shaping Our Future.

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