A Hobe Sound man has got his Muh Feels on.

A Martin County resident has filed a motion to intervene in a federal lawsuit challenging whether All Aboard Florida will get $1.75 billion in tax-exempt bonds.

Walter Postula knowingly bought property near railroad tracks which have been there since the 1890s. Further Postula bought in late July 2014 when All Aboard Florida was already well-known having been announced in 2012. Basically he’s looking for a stupidity bailout from the courts.

walter postula

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Nevertheless Postula is unabashed to call attention to his dimwitted self.

Walter Postula, of Hobe Sound, became aware of the potential damage after reading a property-values study commissioned by Martin County and released June 1, according to court documents filed late Friday on U.S. District Court.

Postula admits he knew of the railroad track but insists no more trains should use the track because of his own failure to think before purchasing property.

“As a landowner living close to the Florida East Coast Railway, the same site that All Aboard Florida trains would use, he believes that his property will lose substantial value due to the many, noisy high-speed passenger trains moving on these tracks, the danger that they will create at the many two-lane graded crossings that (he) must use to get to the nearby town and cities as well as the major highways, the road gridlock that will result and the life-threatening harm that will follow will slower response times by emergency personnel and vehicles,” the motion said.

So because Postula is dumb Florida East Coast Railway aren’t allowed to use train tracks for trains. The tracks that have been there for over a hundred years.

New tax records aren’t yet available but Zillow actually shows Postula’s property increasing over $20,000 from what Postula paid.

walter postula zillow estimate

But does Postula own his property value? The property value is what other people are willing to pay to buy his property and are those values are in other people’s heads. The previous owner of 9224 SE Kingsley Street didn’t seem to only their property value. The listing price was much higher than what Postula paid for the property. The owners asked over $500k but Postula apparently valued it at $480k.

william postula listing price


Postula embodies the madness circling around All Aboard Florida. Postula was stupid enough to buy next to the railroad tracks and not consider train traffic may ever increase. Especially in the face of All Aboard Florida being in the news and being made public in 2012. Now he wants the courts to bail him out of his stupidity and prevent FEC from using their train tracks for trains.

Watch out Martin County this joker may be running for office soon with moves like this.

Source: All Aboard Florida: Martin resident files to intervene in suit challenging tax-exempt bonds | Real Time

Hobe Sound resident joins Martin County’s lawsuit against All Aboard Florida

Do a property search for Postula.


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