wpid-police-investigate-themselves-cops.jpeg.jpegA Treasure Coast resident writes in to complain about a local gang.

The resident wishes to remain anonymous in fear of retribution from the gang.

The problem occurred when a family member was assaulted while in their car at a local restaurant. Damage was caused to the car and the victim called 911.

After the 911 call the gang arrived and searched the car for any valuables or items that would permit seizure of the vehicle and then left the victim helpless once again.

The irate family member had to get the surveillance videos of the incident themselves and do the police work for the blue gang (hint not the crips). The family member was more incensed when they realized that complaining would be taken and reviewed by the direct superiors to the gangmembers in a monopolistic conflict of interest and then passed on the the gangs union representatives.

I could do nothing but empathize and tell the victim’s family I am not surprised and the only consolation is that we are not being plundered to pay the salaries and benefits to more “superiors” in this gang.

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