bureaucracy11Across the Treasure Coast we have seen almost every county and city government opt out of the Seven50 scheme to subsidize rail and other new urbanist favored special interests. Local activists worked tirelessly to get their local governments out of this scheme that will redistribute resources from the Treasure Coast for the benefit of Miami. Opposition mounted to the scheme as it seeks to restrict choices to the preferences of new urbanism and violate property rights.

All Aboard Florida is the first of the companies to impact the Treasure Coast that seeks to ride the gravy train that is the Seven50 Scheme.

However the opposition to All Aboard Florida is not based on protecting property rights.  Rather now the local progressives have been inconvenienced they have joined the cause in opposing the All Aboard Florida part of the Seven50 Scheme.

The problem most of the All Aboard Florida seems to have is that despite the local transportation bureaucracies knowing about All Aboard Florida (and whom still support Seven50) have been caught flat-footed and unprepared.

roads privatizeBecause local metropolitan planning organizations have failed in their duties to provide safe, efficient crossings and the maintenance of them the public will suffer from this bureaucratic inability to satisfy consumer demands. Traffic have additional slowing for crossing closings.

The failure of the bureaucracies to do their jobs is not comical.  Their failures may have a direct impediment on emergency services.  The liability for which is upon the transportation planners failing to prepare for something they not only knew about but supported.

Yet hardly a peep from the MPO officials throughout the All Aboard Florida “debate.”  They have their own meetings but keep to them.

They would like to stay away from attention while All Aboard Florida gets blamed for the failure of bureaucrats

Not only are these people a drain on local productive services but not their mistakes could be deadly. And nobody is held responsible.

Most disappointingly the failure of planning to provide safe roads is already affecting the Treasure Coast.  There have been several accidents this year alone of students being hit alongside the bureaucratized roads as they wait to go to school.  The death of one student has left the family little option but to ask the mayor for more sidewalks.

“The system has got to do something as far as the safety of the other kids out there cause again my reason to be here is no longer with me,” said Arzuaga.

Gil was hit walking to a school bus stop on Lucero Drive. Arzuaga said drivers speed up and down Lucero Drive.

Bicyclists are also being struck recently.  Not to mention red light cameras installed where the equipment providers have a revenue-share agreement with the local governments.

When a business fails to serve its customers they fail and another firm capitalizes on satisfying consumer demands.  However bureaucrats do not have risk of failure. Bureaucracies are insulated from the pressures of satisfying consumer demands yet they forever stay in business.

The issue of road transit issues caused by All Aboard Florida is the fault of the local MPOs as well as their responsibility. Though well-intended the failures to deliver safe, efficient roads and crossings outweigh the benevolence of those serving in transportation planning.

“We have the power to change the system in Port St. Lucie,” said Gus Arzuaga.

It’s time to privatize the roads.

roads build people


Tequesta residents air concerns about All Aboard Florida | Map : TCPalm.com : Shaping Our Future.

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