The overlords had a late night and got jiggy with spending other people’s money

In what is becoming a common practice, top lawmakers quietly packed $300 million into the state budget for special projects just minutes before signing off on the final $78.6 billion spending plan delivered Tuesday.

Money for the projects was negotiated behind closed doors, with senators and House members splitting the $300 million. The additional funding appeared during an 11 p.m. budget meeting Monday, the final full day lawmakers had to complete a budget during the last of the three week special session.

This money is going to do some serious damage to the economy too.

The projects include nearly $20 million in economic incentives and marketing funding for Enterprise Florida, a public-private economic development group chaired by Gov. Rick Scott;

As usual politicians celebrated themselves for divvying up the loot.

“This has been one of the most remarkable sessions for open, transparent debate and fervent positions on both sides,” Corcoran said. “This is the way government should work.”

Source: Legislative leaders defend late-night wheeling, dealing on budget – TC Palm

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