Your domain is no longer your property. You are not an owner but are instead a renter who needs permission to use the property as you see fit.

Weddings at beach houses rented just for the event are now against the law in Indian River County.

County commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday prohibiting commercial events such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, retreats or seminars at homes specifically rented for the occasion, citing neighbor complaints about loud parties late into the night and streets clogged by parked cars.

Local businesses opposed this overreach.

While neighbors, who say they are kept awake when partygoers arrive at rented homes, applauded the commission’s action, wedding professionals said the new law will reduce tourism and hurt local businesses. Vero Beach is becoming known as a “destination wedding” site, they said.

“I don’t think you understand the ramifications,” said wedding planner Lara Fiorelli Andrews.

Neighborhoods should best settle this thru HOA agreements, deed restrictions and other covenants

The law only applies to renters and not homeowners.

Also exempt from the law are events hosted by or provided free to friends and family by the homeowner.

While short-term rentals haven’t been as big an issue in the county as they have been in Vero Beach, county officials have said the biggest complaints are over homes rented out for major events such as weddings and parties, and the resulting parking congestion.

Hopefully there is a loophole or work-around for those impeded by this regulation.

Source: Indian River County bans commercial events at rented homes – TC Palm

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