Governmental failure is no stranger to the Treasure Coast. The mecca of this failure – Port St. Lucie- is located in the middle of it after all. But the foolish overlords to the south and north of PSL do not want to be outdone.

In the face of road planning failures and errors of zoning local governments have been caught not having a plan for increased train traffic. Despite knowing since 2012 that more train traffic was coming after all.

To make up for their failures government started fixing the problem. Just kidding. They tried to blame their failures on All Aboard Florida and train tracks that have been around since the 1890s.

It only makes sense. Martin County has a infrastructure backlog but chose to set aside money to build a waterpark.

Now they are wasting up to over $4million dollars on a frivolous legal challenge to All Aboard Florida. They’ve lost round one already.

All Aboard Florida on Wednesday got the green light to sell $1.75 billion in bonds to finance its high-speed passenger railroad.

But the attorneys raking in public dollars on behalf of the parasites in local government are willing to keep on charging – the taxpayers not forward.

Wednesday’s ruling does not end the case, but “resolves only the first legal skirmish,” said Stephen Ryan, Martin County’s attorney, in a prepared statement. “We will do our best in discovery to provide additional proof that AAF cannot fund this project without the bonds.”

Basically they do not know jack yet but are willing to spend many more billable hours collecting your money. Call it a taxpayer funded fishing expedition.

The US Court judge put the Muh Feels of the counties aside.

Cooper said, “the counties have not demonstrated, as they must, that (additional costs of alternative financing) would significantly increase the likelihood that AAF would abandon the project after years of planning and over a billion dollars in investment.” Cooper, while acknowledging “the vigorous debate in Central and South Florida over whether the express railway should be built,” wrote that “the merits of (All Aboard Florida) are not for this court to decide.”

Hear that sucking sound? It’s the continual drain of your resources by the blood sucking gluttons known as elected officials.

In other new TCPalm reports of scams on the Treasure Coast but makes no mention of the biggest ripoff of them all- your violent taxing authorities.

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Source: Indian River, Martin counties lose first court fight against All Aboard Florida – TC Palm

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