IndianRiverLagoonMartin County approved using $216,000 of expropriated property to determine the effects of septic tanks on the Indian River Lagoon by testing the source of enteric bacteria.

Local representative Patrick Murphy has flown in a helicopter over the lagoon several times which is nothing more than a photo op and waste of gas.

Other government officials have gathered for roundtables and discussions on what to do with the lagoon.

All of this being paid for by taxpayers with no results on the lagoon (other than government extorting you for using certain fertilizers).

Why should there be? We are witnessing the tragedy of the commons.

MoneyForNothing2The Army Corps of Engineers who originally built the dyke system altered the environment and now produce releases into the Indian River Lagoon don’t believe that there are experts at the state level to “handle the job.”

One proposed solution to the Lagoon is to buy land from Big Sugar to be flooded to lessen in the impact of Lake Okeechobee releases, at a premium price.

Unfortunately a bunch of money has been wasted already and another in the long list of surveys funded by the public with nothing to show for it.

Thumb up: Martin County Commission takes steps to reduce septic-tank pollution ยป

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