army-corps-of-engineers lagoonArmy Corps of Engineers. South Florida Water Mangement District. State of Florida.

All of them are complicit in polluting the lagoon and the main causes of the  issues facing the lagoon.

Recently the Army Corps of Engineers have taken headlines as they continue their bumbling bureaucratic ways.

Government ineptitude has led to of course more finger pointing and less solutions.

Governor Rick Scott sent this letter to the Corps:

“We are extremely disappointed that Corps officials in Washington refused to approve CEPP at yesterday’s meeting,” Scott said. “Day-by-day the rainy season approaches, and that’s why we are asking the Board to immediately reconvene to discuss and approve CEPP. Just this month, the South Florida Water Management District took historic action in approving CEPP, and yesterday the federal government added more bureaucratic hurdles in our efforts to restore water quality, and send the water south. We’ve worked closely with our federal and local partners, and we need officials in Washington to act with more urgency in adopting these projects. The federal government must make CEPP a priority. We must do everything it takes to protect the natural treasures that Florida families rely on.”

Congress is equally inept in helping to fix the problems government has caused.

It’s doubtful a plan to move excess Lake Okeechobee water south, instead of east to the Indian River Lagoon, will get congressional approval this year, which means it could be years before the first shovelful of dirt is turned.

statist paradiseYet government can’t even agree on fixing it’s own mess

At issue is how the corps and South Florida Water Management District plan to split the cost 50-50.

You had to pay for it, you are paying for it and will continue to pay for it.

It is not the lagoon being fixed. You are paying for the government goons to continue to destroy the lagoon.

Gov. Rick Scott called the corps’ action an example of “the federal government (adding) more bureaucratic hurdles in our efforts to restore water quality, and send the water south.”

Yet the green socialists who prefer to be called environmentalists cheer government induced destruction of the lagoon as a means to fix it.

Still, most Treasure Coast environmentalists support CEPP as a first step toward stopping the discharges that devastate the estuary and the southern lagoon. The influx of fresh water kills marine plants and animals; the high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus spur algae blooms, some of which are toxic; and the combination of nutrients and fresh water causes bacteria to spread.

The green socialists progressive thinking is to have those who have ruined the lagoon fix it.  That is all.

Watermelon Crawl

Watermelon Crawl. For those green on the outside and red on the inside

So the plans of the watermelons is to have a funeral.

The kicker is that they aren’t having it because of what the violator of the lagoon have done but to have a funeral for what those responsible for the lagoon problems have not done.

These sad statists have it backwards.  They need to hold an Easter so the lagoon can be risen even though the culprits destroyed it.  Not to protest the culprits for molesting a corpse.

Gov. Scott urges U.S. Army Corps to adopt Everglades project to help Indian River Lagoon : : Our Indian River Lagoon.

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