When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

When it comes to the All Aboard Florida controversy do not follow the angry mob who will ruthlessly violate the rights of others for their own conveniences.

The saying, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people” is alive and well in Martin County.

TCPalm reports there were up to 800 of them with  up to 747 being from the public-at-large. With election just next week all the scumbag politicians came out to say anything for a vote. Many of them warning of deaths from All Aboard Florida as another bicyclist is struck along side government roads. Luckily for cars the injuries or deaths of bicyclists, pedestrians and school children do not disrupt the mob’s lives as much as All Aboard Florida will.


Obedient Serfs      Useless Masters

Voices of Reason    Map

Obedient Serfs

Trainwreck Traylor

KC Traylor continued her campaign of nonsense blaming the use of tax dollars even though that option is all but taken off the table.


Random Statists

This random statist is an obedient slaved and wrongly blamed governmental failures as a reason to restrict the property rights of All Aboard Florida and FECI.

Soggy socialism has this slave down. Govt managed waterways has failed so lets blame All Aboard Florida.

This old statist came rolling along after the train tracks were in place and says trains will ruin quality of life. Somebody must have forced him to move next door to train tracks.

This statist can only identify current problems with waterways yet blame them on All Aboard Florida. Sure likes his soggy socialism though.

Useless Masters

Patrick Murphy contradicts himself from last year and though supported AAF grants now says he opposes them.

Typical bullshit from Patrick Murphy.

Ed Fielding is wants to control everything

And he’s mad he can’t. Power hungry son of a bitch.

Tequesta Moronic Mayor Wants to Subject Property Rights to Collective Will

Can’t fix stupid.

#TCPalmFuture Village of Tequesta Mayor Abby Brennan said it’s disturbing public had no say on project. #AAF   A video posted by Nicole Rodriguez (@newswithnicole) on

Gayle Harrell Blasts All Aboard Florida for Government Failures

The concerns about All Aboard Florida are traced back to failures in government planning of roads and zoning. Typical politician Gayle Harrell fiercely uses government failures to trample property rights.

 Joe Negron was just there to buy a vote.

Typical empty words hoping for  a few last votes.

Sarah Heard continues nonsense that property rights are subject to mythical collective good


 As usual Marylinn Magar has nothing to say

Voices of Reason

There were a few voices of reason as not everyone on the Treasure Coast is a collectivist that thinks they can use government to dictate to others how they can use their person and property.

“I’m here to see if we can get a stop,” said Dick Marney, 51, of Jensen Beach. “I think it’s in the long-term plan. It’s not economically feasible for them to stop in Palm Beach and bypass St. Lucie County.

“I want them to know not everyone is against it. Most people I talk to are for it,” he said. “It’s unstoppable. They own the tracks.”

Many will (hopefully) agree with this local’s embarrassment with area collectivists.

“There’s so much misinformation out there it’s shocking,” said Mike Cieslinski, 56, of Stuart. “It’s embarrassing so much of the city is against it.

“I-95 is one of the most dangerous roads, and this gives people an option. I’d drive to West Palm Beach to take the train to Fort Lauderdale or Miami,” Cieslinski said.

TCPalm Map

All Aboard Florida opponents turning up the heat at public comment meeting in Stuart – TC Palm.