Grayson Slams Flip Flopping Murphy

1101-Mistakes-Alan-Grayson-Dan.JPG_full_600Alan Grayson recently slammed Patrick Murphy over All Aboard Florida. And rightfully so. Murphy was a champion of All Aboard Florida for the benefits it would bring before he was against it.

“All Aboard Florida says it will create 10,000 jobs, remove 3 million cars from Florida’s highways, reduce pollution and improve the economies of many of our state’s premier cities,” Grayson said in a news release. “I question how anyone who hopes to represent the whole state could vote against a project whose economic benefits will echo throughout the economy, but then again, I question a lot of Patrick Murphy’s votes.”

patrick murphyMurphy did not show to the event and could only offer a non-response.

“I’m going to listen to every voice on this issue throughout Florida,” Murphy said. “I am committed to supporting smart infrastructure projects that create middle class jobs, grow business and respect every Florida community.”

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson spoke in support of All Aboard Florida while blasting his U.S. Senate opponent and U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy for not showing up at a Wednesday meeting where the fate of the company’s request for tax-exempt bonds is being decided.

Source: Alan Grayson speaks in favor of All Aboard Florida, blasts Patrick Murphy for opposing it – TC Palm

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