NaturalMonopolyOnPipesGovernment bureaucrats from the state sided with local overlords to grant monopoly privilege to the Vero Beach electric services though 62% of the people live outside the city and most of whom want the freedom to choose a provider than be stuck with a monopoly.

The jackassedness of these bureaucrats is shown in this statement.

PSC Commissioner Julie Brown said Vero Beach outside counsel Schef Wright “hit it out of the park” with his argument that the city needed a statement in order to make long-term decisions about electric equipment and its power plant.

The managers of the utility cannot act without being guaranteed slaves customers unlike businesses who have to earn their customers rather than force themselves on customers via the PSC in a form of economic rape where you get robbed and screwed.

Only 38% of the Vero utility’s customers can vote in the city while the other 62% are stuck without representation and being forced to engage with the utility.

This was not surprising as the PSC is designed to empower local monopolists. The battle will likely continue in the courts as the county may join Indian River Shores in suing to free themselves of having an entity forced upon them.

Government is to Blame

No business can force themselves on customers alone, it takes the power of government to do so. This debacle highlights this problem.

Vero Beach electric customers have complained for years about high electric bills. City residents twice voted to get out of the municipal electric business by selling the city system to Florida Power & Light Co. But Vero Beach is bound by contracts with the Florida Municipal Power Agency, an unregulated co-op of cities offering electric services. Getting out of its FMPA obligations has proved costly and legally complicated.

Rather than just leaving the utility the residents in Indian River County are stuck not because of some corporate greed for profit but for government parasites need for revenues which they steal rather than earn.

Laurence Reisman covers how the bandits make out off your forced patronage.

Looking for a job where if you get fired, you not only get six months’ severance pay, but free health insurance and a contribution to your health reimbursement account, for life?

…CEO Nicholas Guarriello and general counsel Frederick Bryant attended their organization’s annual conference in 2014. The FMPA — or, shall we say, any user of Vero Beach, Fort Pierce or other cities’ power — paid $1,295 for their families to stay at the hotel, too, auditors said. The conference was in Orlando, where the FMPA is based.

It was only after auditors found the improper use of funds that the FMPA looked at personal use of rooms dating to 2010. That led to Guarriello and Bryant reimbursing FMPA $5,727.

Then there were “legislative rallies” in Washington, D.C. Auditors found dinner bills of $3,453 and $3,830, with average per-person meal costs of $105 and $109, respectively.

State Public Service Commission sides with Vero Beach on electric issue – TC Palm.

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