Money+TrainGov. Rick Scott doled plunder from tax victims to the crony railroad All Aboard Florida to the tune of almost a quarter of a billion dollars.  The Orlando Sentinel reports,

Gov. Rick Scott announced this afternoon at Orlando International Airport that he intends to spend up $215 million in state money to build a new station at OIA that could house several trains, including a privately financed one that would link Central and South Florida.

Scott has set aside $123 million in his budget this year. The remainder would come next year, if he is re-elected.

statism subsidies force moral theftDespite media fanfare of being a private railroad All Aboard Florida railroad it has already applied for sweetheart federal loan subsidies that honest businesses cannot get.

Now Rick Scott thinks that subsidizing one business at the expense of everyone is a great idea.

 “This is the right thing for the state,” Scott said.

No Rick it is not.  It is wrong to rob all Floridians to pay Florida East Coast rail and their sister company All Aboard Florida.

The Orlando Sentinel offered the insightful commentary that since a video for the project was cool then the project itself must be.

Here is to more subsidies to undeserving businesses at the expense of Floridians.

Gov. Scott announces $215 million for new train station at Orlando International – Orlando Sentinel.

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