Michael Goforth is out with a column saying that All Aboard Florida will railroad people. Goforth would rather beat you with a bat to force you to subsidize wealthy baseball team owners than allow others to use their private property.

Much like Goforth’s need to protect his feelings by denying your human right to defend your life or his need to enjoy a baseball game in a stadium he forces you to pay for Goforth has another need to get his royal stamp of approval.

What All Aboard Florida is rushing forward with, however, is a bad deal. The 32 trains each day would run nonstop through quaint and historic downtowns rather than more appropriately farther west in less populated areas where there are already interstate and turnpike highways. For the Treasure Coast, it’s the worst of both worlds that could cause irreversible damage.

Goforth then finds an issue with the federal government and uses that as a justification that it is AAF railroading the Treasure Coast rather than government.

Trying to get answers from All Aboard Florida, residents were told to wait until after an environmental impact statement would be released from the Federal Railroad Administration in connection with a potential federal loan for the project. But, All Aboard Florida chose the firm to conduct the assessment and paid for it. Why would anyone think the report might be biased?

Michael “Hands in Your Pocket” Goforth then finds another issue with AAF- they may not use tax dollars!

When the federal loan became controversial, All Aboard Florida said it might seek private funding instead.

As part of the RRIF loan, which AAF intends to replace with privately raised money, the Federal Rail Administration held meetings which Goforth says is further evidence AAF is railroading the Treasure Coast.

When the Federal Railroad Administration held hearings on the Treasure Coast to get public comments on the environmental impact statement, many citizens who showed up viewed them as a sham and a public relations ploy.

Goforth spouts more nonsense, this time saying faults with the Coast Guard are to blame on All Aboard Florida rather than the federal government.

When the Coast Guard announced meetings to get public input on rules that might be needed in connection with the All Aboard Florida project, residents were told not to address the project itself.

Goforth goes on to blast property rights of others (he prefers the right to your life and property himself).

The project seems to be an attempt by Florida East Coast Industries, the parent of All Aboard Florida, to increase freight capacity on the rail lines it owns and to develop property it also owns around stations where All Aboard Florida would stop. As an added benefit, the passenger service might attract visitors to take the train from Miami to Orlando. It’s no coincidence that former Disney executives are also involved in All Aboard Florida.

Goforth then says that money is to blame. Goforth says this in a column he is paid to write. Goforth doesn’t see it greedy that he wants a portion of all his neighbor’s pockets so he can locally attend a baseball game but does see it as a problem that FECI and AAF would use their property to serve customers and make money.

It’s all about money. Or more specifically, greed.

Goforth sees inequity in voluntary transactions between individuals but fairness is using government to steal what Goforth “needs.” Its greed to use your property but not greed to want to take the property of others in the world according to Goforth.

Goforth complains that government cannot interfere with a private project as it can interfere to take your money so Goforth can feel more charitable in justifying violence to satisfy his own greed for money.

Is All Aboard Florida railroading the Treasure Coast or are the local statists railroading Florida East Coast Industries?

It seems statists like Goforth are spewing frothy garbage from their mouths in seeking to railroad private contracts and property rights to satisfy their own greedy needs.

More on froth from Goforth here.

Michael Goforth: Treasure Coast being railroaded by All Aboard Florida project – TC Palm.

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