Gayle Harrell’s Soggy Socialism

CONservative republican Gayle Harrell has published a letter touting her soggy socialist plan for saving resources from governmental waste.

In doing so she shows fiscal recklessness. Government has spent billions draining the Everglades and “managing” the nightmare they created in addition to the disaster of decades of failed “management.”

Working together as a delegation led by Sen. Joe Negron, we procured more than $239 million in the 2014 session to address the problem. In the House, I’ve sponsored many of the St. Lucie River Issues Team projects since my first election. The state has put over $63 million dollars into the issues team and over $500 million into state and local initiatives to address both water quality and quantity issues in the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon.

In addition, the state has put over $1.8 billion into stormwater treatment areas and over $60 million for the C-44 STA and reservoir. As part of “Restorations Strategies” and the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan the state has spent over $2.4 billion while the federal government has spent about a $1 billion (and this was supposed to be a 50-50 partnership?).

She goes on to call for more federal government spending.

Our federal partners need to step up and fund their share of the cost of restoring the entire Kissimmee River valley, Lake Okeechobee and Everglades.

Even though government has had monopoly control of these resources and has failed Gayle wants more government spending and more government control.

The government has legalized pollution and doing so subsidizes polluters who can dump their waste freely into the water versus dispose of it responsibly as we do with our garbage.

While Harrell will tell us that socialism in healthcare is not good suddenly Harrell believes that the failed policies of socialism that aren’t good enough for our health is good enough for the Indian River Lagoon.

Decades of experience dictates otherwise.

indian river lagoon distress

Source: Rep. Gayle Harrell: This is what we must do to save our rivers – TC Palm

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