bastiat statism economicsLocal planning overlords are weighing in on a business venture to buy property on North Hutchinson Island.

The idea of a luxury hotel where some of the units are individually owned could be good for the county as long as the property remains a hotel, said the county Planning and Zoning Commission.

The Czars at the Planning and Zoning Commission will approve the business plan if it is established in a manner that the Planning and Zoning (in their infinite business wisdom) support.

An entrepreneur wants to build a hotel-condo on North Hutchinson Island

Las Vegas billionaire Phil Ruffin, the owner of Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip, wants to build the condo-hotel at 2600 N. State Road A1A, the location of the former Radisson Hotel.

bureaucratic fat catBusybodies on the planning commission are doing everything they can to prevent investment by the entrepreneur.

Several on the commission said the new code must require any property described as a condo-hotel to operate as a hotel and clearly limit how long individual owners can stay in their units.

Commissioners said they were concerned a developer could build a condo-hotel and then operate it as a condominium. Commissioners also voiced concerns that owners of individual units would want to use their unit during tourist season, which would limit the number of hotel units available for guests.

Intervening Overlord Leslie Olson wants to make sure the government gets a hefty cut on your property.

Planning Manager Leslie Olson said the resort zoning would have language prohibiting owners from using the unit as a homestead.

Some of the overlord planners have business ideas they would like to see entrepreneurs to bring to their Highnesses.

Planning and Zoning Commissioner Edward Lounds said he can see resort zoning happening in the western county where there is land to accommodate a large project.

“Something like an equestrian resort on something say, 500 acres, where there are trails where guests can ride horses. I think that would be a draw,” Lounds said.

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St. Lucie planning and zoning officials discuss new land use for proposed condo-hotel : : Shaping Our Future.

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