politics parasitesLocal governments continue to prove themselves to be bumbling failures employing people who shirk their responsibilities and pass the buck while living on the taxpayers dime.

The Town of Indian River Shores is making an inconsequential request that AAF be denied public funds. It is inconsequential because All Aboard Florida is moving forward with a plan to raise the funds to finance the project privately. IRS ignores their own failure to uphold their duties and responsibilities when it comes to providing safe crossings. Instead of focusing on their responsibilities they are trying to avoid their failures by pinning the blame on another. Classy.

Mayor Brian Barefoot said the resolution addresses the concerns of the town as they related to the All Aboard project.

“This is similar to what the other municipalities have done,” Barefoot said.

Barefoot is right. They are all delaying doing their jobs while they pass the buck as they collect the taxpayer dime to blame AAF.

Vero is further proof of this:

“All Aboard Florida touts the temporary construction jobs it will bring to the area, but this study doesn’t talk about temporary construction problems,” Reingold said.

The jackasses in Vero actually think using private property as it has been used for 120 years is the greatest threat to the Treasure Coast.

Notably they failed to mention how dragging their feet to plan accordingly to maintain their contractual obligations that affects everyone who uses a government road to cross private property impacts the safety of those they claim to be serving. For they are only serving themselves.

As we move south into Saint Lucie it is only more of the same.

According to county staff:

The report released Sept. 19 ignored the fact that the county will receive all the impacts from the project, but none of the benefits..

Apparently FECI cannot use their property without benefitting all. The motto of the commissioners has taken on a Mussolini-type tone.

All within the county, nothing outside of the county, nothing against the county.

The county has nothing to offer its residents when it comes to upholding their obligations to provide safe roads. Instead they kick their feet screaming like children as they put ours at risk for it is the county that is responsible for providing road crossings.

Continuing down the Plundered Coast to Martin County reveals more of the same old government bullshit.

Not one road crossing is any closer to being upgraded for the drivers as the local governments are to be held responsible.

Not only are they sucking our productive efforts and living off the taxvictims but they are dragging their feet on providing the safety drivers demand.

Indian River Shores requesting All Aboard Florida fund project without public agency help – TC Palm.

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