Commissioner Dzadovsky Discriminates Saint Lucie Public

On September 17, 2013 Saint Lucie County Commisioner Chris Dzadovsky speaks up to the public in support of Seven50 and in doing so profiles and discriminates against everyone who has opposed Seven50.

commissioner-dzadovskyCommissioner Dzadovsky profiles the public by appearance and residence (public commenters must state residence during comments) and decides none are poor or a minority.

Show up to the Saint Lucie BOCC Meetings and give Commissioner Dzadovsky your reaction

Commissioner Dzadovsky’s Scandalous Past

Commissioner Dzadovsky has made news before for being arrested while serving as Saint Lucie County Commissioner for third degree grand theft, a felony. Dzadovsky removed a pool heater from his deceased fiancee’s home which was up for sale and the realtor said not to remove.

Commissioner Dzadovsky was suspended by Governor Rick Scott due to the impropriety of being arrested for a felony while serving the public.  Commissioner Dzadovsky got the felony reduced to a misdemeanor and plead no contest.

Less than a year of having his felony reduced to a misdemeanor Commissioner Dzadovsky is getting attention for profiling and discriminating against members of the public. You may view the entire BOCC Meeting from September 17th, 2013, his comments are made at the end of the video shortly before the two hour timestamp.  Earlier in the meeting Commissioner Dzadovsky scolded a member of the public for stating she thought he wasn’t listening to the public. Dzadovsky responds by sharing his scorecard for the number of times a keyword was said by the public.  Commissioner Dzadovsky makes that exchange with an individual of the public around the one hour twenty-five minute mark of the meeting.

You can give your reaction by showing up to the October 1, 2013 BOCC meeting to give your reaction.

Please sign the petition to keep Seven50 out of Saint Lucie.

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▶ Commissioner Chris Dzadovsky Profiles and Discriminates Against Public – YouTube.

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