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Fort Pierce Wastewater Treatment Plant Petition #IndianRiverLagoon

Residents of Fort Pierce have come together to form Citizens for Clean Air & Water to reduce wasted resources by city officials and pollution of the Indian River Lagoon. Download the petition here (pictured below) and send the completed petition to: Citizens for Clean Air & Water 1611 Surfside Dr. Fort Pierce, Fl. 34949 Citizens for […]

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Costumed Men in Saint Lucie Arrest Local Gardener

Local thugs with costumes and shiny objects arrested a 51-year old gardener. Apparently the plants he was growing weren’t approved by your overlords and their tax-sucking henchmen abducted the poor soul at gunpoint. Now they are holding him in a cage for ransom over the type of vegetation he preferred to grow. Source: Man charged […]

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How Police Terrorized Disabled Woman

Local law enforcement have terrorized a disable woman over the last two years. Sandra Silasavage was disabled due to a horse accident that disfigured her spine. But at 60 disabled and never arrested a day before in her life she was terrorized by St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Freeman. Cruising along at a steady 57mph […]

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