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Keep a watchful eye on the unelected bureaucrats and planners of Seven50 who are dishing out crony benefits to their special interests friends in New Urbanism with your tax dollars.


All Aboard Florida Says Rolling On Regardless of Counties Lawsuits

Representatives with All Aboard Florida say they’ll fight a threatened injunction by officials in Indian River County and one in Martin County. Both counties are spending millions on a hope and prayer rather than spend those resources to get prepared. Source: All Aboard Florida fights back after injunction threat | Watch the video – Yahoo […]

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Special Interest Groups stop the elimination of Regional Planning Councils

From Alexander Snitker: We recently alerted you to the bills filed by Senator Wilton Simpson (SB 484) and Representative Debbie Mayfield (HB 873). These bills as filed would have eliminated Regional Planning Councils. The 11 Florida Regional Planning Councils receive millions of dollars of federal government grants to promote “Smart Growth” and “Sustainable Living” growth […]

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Eliminating Regional Planning Councils Update

by Danielle Alexandre What Are Regional Planning Councils? In the 1960’s Florida’s 67 counties were divided into 11 regions and Regional Planning Councils were created. The original purpose was to apply for and distribute federal funds to help with building roads and bridges between the counties in the region. Unfortunately, the 11 Florida Regional Planning […]

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Stuart Demands Control of Local Private Property

Stuart is the heart of the morons in Martin County. Stuart has a legacy of interventionist failures. Over a hundred years ago they persuaded property owners to lay railroad tracks in the center of town and build their city around the tracks. Later Stuart agreed to be held responsible for road crossings of the railway […]

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Further Costly Delays Across the Treasure Coast by Govts Failing on All Aboard Florida

Local governments continue to prove themselves to be bumbling failures employing people who shirk their responsibilities and pass the buck while living on the taxpayers dime. The Town of Indian River Shores is making an inconsequential request that AAF be denied public funds. It is inconsequential because All Aboard Florida is moving forward with a […]

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Goforth’s Greed Justifies Beating You with a Bat

Michael Goforth is out with a column saying that All Aboard Florida will railroad people. Goforth would rather beat you with a bat to force you to subsidize wealthy baseball team owners than allow others to use their private property. Much like Goforth’s need to protect his feelings by denying your human right to defend your […]

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Failures by Gov in Indian River Becoming More Costly to TaxVictims

The price tag for the failures of government planning in Indian River are likely to climb this week. The issue is that the “planners” in Indian River have been busy failing to plan. For the last three years they have failed in their responsibilities while continuing to live off the taxvictims that have failed. Since […]

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Martin County Fails and then Demands Concessions

Martin County has failed its citizens tremendously and these failures are coming to light because of All Aboard Florida. The “planners” in Martin County have failed to plan for anything since All Aboard Florida became public in 2012. Despite previous “planners” in Martin County asking for the railroad in the center of town and then […]

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