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Port St. Lucie City Hall

Moody’s Places Port St. Lucie Under Downgrade Review

Not surprising given all the investment failures of City Hall doling out your money. Moody’s Investors Service has placed the ratings on Port St. Lucie, FL’s general obligation, non-ad valorem, lease and guaranteed debt on review for downgrade. The review is driven by ongoing litigation and economic fallout from the collapse of a start-up research […]

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money hole

HomeGrown Bubble: PSL Offered the Most Bribes of Business to Relocate in Florida

And people wonder why things go belly up when City Hall offers up other people’s money to their own pet projects. TCPalm reports on the money pit. Port St. Lucie hands out most cash of any Florida city or county to attract new business, according to a state report City Hall been gambling big with your […]

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No New Taxes

More Embarrassment for PSL

The City Hall boondoggles continue to embarrass the city. The citizens continue to suffer for the bad economic policies invested by City Hall. “(The city) seemingly thinks that this court has the power to force VGTI to continue to operate when it plainly does not have the financial ability to do so absent a further […]

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