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Local Counties Laying Taxpayers on the Rails

Local counties have dedicated millions to fight All Aboard Florida and spent hundreds of thousands already. So it is with the funds Indian River ($2.7 million) and Martin ($1.4 million) counties earmarked in February to fight All Aboard Florida’s Miami-to-Orlando passenger rail project. To date, Indian River has spent $326,500 in legal fees; Martin County […]

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Letter: The county might lose its foolish lawsuit against All Aboard Florida

This letter originally appeared on By Michael Fort Rich Campbell’s protests about All Aboard Florida’s response to Martin County’s lawsuit is classic naiveté. He asserts that All Aboard Florida shouldn’t have the right to fight back against the county’s foolish lawsuit using $1.4 million of our tax dollars. He complains about perceived infringement on […]

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Martin Morons May Cost Taxpayers More While Failing on Parks and Roads

The overlords in Martin continue making boneheaded decisions that are burdens on local tax victims. Martin County may have to pay as a result of lawsuits in motion right now. Together, developers Avalon Ventures and HM Property Investors claim that Martin County owes them approximately $8.4 million dollars for unjustifiable development restrictions, according to court […]

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Martin County Neglects Roads and Builds Pools Instead

TCPalm continues their coverage of Martin County budget shortfalls for key infrastructure. Martin County over the next decade would be at least $138 million short of the $233.4 million it needs for roads projects, according to a tentative 2016 budget for infrastructure and building-maintenance projects. One would think that infrastructure would be the utmost priority […]

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