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Keep track of local government in Indian River and ensure that government is staying true to principles of freedom. Accountability starts at home, let’s ensure Indian River politicians and bureaucrats know we are watching.

sea turtle environementalism privatize waterways

Water Capitalism: The Case for Privatizing Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, and Aquifers

Reviewed by Ryan Griggs In this pathbreaking tour de force, Professor Walter Block of Loyola University, New Orleans, and Peter Nelson, an engineer out of Colorado specializing in water resources, lay down the case for full-throttle Water Capitalism. In free-flowing, inter-disciplinary form our authors provide a jam-packed foundation (and I do mean jam-packed; the bibliography alone […]

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socialism cost death

The Literal Poison of Democratic Socialism 

by Thomas DiLorenzo Latin America is once again demonstrating the social poison of “democratic socialism,” the ideology that won Bernie Sanders more than 13 million votes in the Democratic primaries. Socialism – democratic or otherwise – is not only destructive of a nation’s economy, as history proved over and over again during the twentieth century; […]

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Army Corps pollutes St. Lucie River, evades Clean Water Act

by Mark Miller Today, the Stuart News—Florida’s paper of record when it comes to the St. Lucie River—published my op-ed on the destruction the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers visits upon this river each day when the Corps discharges polluted waters into the St. Lucie River via the C-44 canal. You may think you don’t […]

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how economy grows

Indian River County Stimulates Growth by Getting Out of the Way

Imagine my surprise. County offiicals learn that growth is stimulated by getting out of the way. Other economic-development initiatives by the County Commission included a common-sense ordinance allowing for new businesses to open with a temporary certificate of occupancy, allowing 27 new businesses to open their doors, Davis said. “If you’re a small business, there’s […]

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railroad tracks all aboard florida

Local Counties Laying Taxpayers on the Rails

Local counties have dedicated millions to fight All Aboard Florida and spent hundreds of thousands already. So it is with the funds Indian River ($2.7 million) and Martin ($1.4 million) counties earmarked in February to fight All Aboard Florida’s Miami-to-Orlando passenger rail project. To date, Indian River has spent $326,500 in legal fees; Martin County […]

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Former Narcotics Officer Busted with Narcotics

  The war on drugs is evil and a boneheaded continuation of the failed policies of alcohol prohibition. In a twist a former narcotics officer was busted with narcotics Howard Rizio, 44, served with the Sheriff’s Office from 1999 to 2004 and worked on the Multi-Agency Crime Enforcement unit during his stint, officials said. Thursday, […]

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Government Bureaucrats Economically Rapes Indian River for Perpetuity

Government bureaucrats from the state sided with local overlords to grant monopoly privilege to the Vero Beach electric services though 62% of the people live outside the city and most of whom want the freedom to choose a provider than be stuck with a monopoly. The jackassedness of these bureaucrats is shown in this statement. […]

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